Oren Fadloun – MMG Capital Ventures

Oren Fadloun

General Partner & Founder


Oren, a serial entrepreneur, founded and led companies in the online arena, such as Pay Per Leads, Alldeals and 10price. In 2005, Oren established Mars Media Group, that focuses on Online Marketing solutions and successfully became a major worldwide player that it is today. Throughout the years, under Oren’s management, the group has expanded its activities and developed brands and subsidiaries such as Mobilda, Mars Video, Mars Audio, eCommerce brands and now performs in various areas in the online market world.

After a decade of business success being a founder, Oren became a passionate investor for online companies and technologies. Oren sits on the board of a number of his portfolio companies including Protected Media, Labworm, Academix to name a few.

To this day, Oren is striving to find new and exciting investment opportunities which he can nurture and lead to the next level.